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Mr. Cote's Random Acts of Kindness page

Student worksheet for 8th grade RAK
Student worksheet for 8th grade RAK

Complete this worksheet to learn how Random Acts of Kindness really play a big part in your life.

Lesson Outline

1. Using the web page Cotes RAK page

Read each story and write down the kind act that was performed

1. Cleaning the Yard

2. Donut Shop

3. Sharing a Meal

4. A Ride Home

5. .77 Cents

6. Kindness Response

Answer the following questions on a separate sheet of paper
1. How does it make you feel when reading these stories?
2. What do you think of the people that performed these RAKS
3. Could you see yourself doing similar RAKS
4. Have you ever performed an RAK
5. Could you randomly help a stranger?
6. Could you randomly help someone that you dont particularly like?
7. List three RAKS that you have done in your life.

Using the computer type a one page paper outlining the benefits of RAKS in our school (using complete sentences and thoughts)
Include the following
1. how will it benefit our students
2. how will it benefit our teachers
3. what feelings does the giver have
4. what kind of feelings does the receiver have
5. would the school be better off or worse off
6. how do you think we could promote RAKS in our school?

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